Important 8-Ball Pools Rules to Remember Before Applying Game Tips and Tricks

As a beginner of playing online 8 Ball Pool, one of your priorities when surfing the net is to find reliable sources of tips and tricks on how to win matches.  Just a search of the right keywords in Google would return hundreds of results. However, most of these resources are missing one important tip: Know the rules.

Stripes or Solids After Break Off Shot

It is essential that you know all the rules of an online game before you can move on to using advanced tricks, and understanding the rules to playing 8 Ball Pool is no exemption. For example, even if you pot a striped ball after a break off shot, you are free to choose which type of balls (stripes or solids) to pot moving forward. This is where your strategic thinking comes in. If you see that the solids are in a better position than the stripes, you can still choose the former.

Failed Shot and Cue Ball Doesn’t Hit Railings

Another rule that a lot of beginners tend to miss is when to consider a shot foul. If your ball is not in a good position, do not just hit the cue ball haphazardly. Make sure that it hits any of the railings around the pool table. This would not give your opponent the chance to move the cue ball anywhere they want on the table, and prevent them from taking a good and easy shot.

Black Ball and Cue Ball Goes In

The third rule that you would want to keep in mind is regarding the black ball and the cue ball. When you shoot the black ball and the cue ball unfortunately follows, then you lose the match. So, be very careful when applying power on the cue ball when the target is the black ball.  This is also where you would need to follow the cue ball guideline before lining up your shot.

Calling the Pocket in Higher Tiers

If you would ever play the Cairo or the upper tiers in 8 Ball Pool, remember to always call the pocket where you are shooting the 8-ball. If you fail to shoot the ball in pocket you called, then you lose the game.

Knowing these rules are important to advancing your skills in 8-Ball Pool. Without your understanding of these rules, it would certainly be difficult to follow advanced tips and tricks.